How to Maximize the Customer Experience with Comarch AI

How can implementing AI and ML in loyalty programs help companies connect with customers? Download our new series of e-Books to find out how your brand can use customer data to revolutionize your business model – increasing profit, customer retention and customer satisfaction.


Creating lasting customer loyalty with data-driven marketing

01 In this guide, we will explore the four main uses of AI and ML in loyalty marketing: Personalization, Chatbots, Gamification and Loyalty Fraud Prevention, as well as specific examples of these types of loyalty program enhancements in action.

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Oil & Gas

Technologies to  Improve Customer Engagement in the Oil & Gas Industry

02 In this e-book, we discuss recent breakthroughs in loyalty management such as mobile payments, AI/ML-driven offer personalization, and fraud detection, as well as real-life examples of them being used by various oil & gas companies.

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About us

By and large, Comarch is a global provider of software-defined products and services used for improving business performance and reducing operational costs. The company’s portfolio comprises more than a hundred technologically advanced solutions that can help companies of various size and industry gain a competitive advantage.

One of Comarch’s most popular product lines is dedicated to loyalty management. Knowing that consumer behavior is in a state of constant change, many businesses around the world find creating traditional loyalty programs more and more difficult. Thus, they are now considering going digital and using the latest customer engagement techniques to raise brand awareness and build stronger client relationships.

Providing companies with the right tools for driving customer loyalty is our mission, and the key topic of our latest campaign: #Loyalty-Digital.

Follow our three industry-dedicated campaigns to learn how AI and Machine Learning can enhance your loyalty programs and, ultimately, improve your business efficiency - even in the most extreme circumstances.

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